The Gazelle Edge Elliptical Machine

The Gazelle Edge Elliptical Machine

Exericse should be part of anyones Diet Plan. There was a time when exercise bicycles dominated the home exercise market, but these days there are plenty of other affordable options to add diversity to your fat loss plan. Elliptical trainers are more popular than ever, and this is due in no small part to the way they deliver aerobic exercise without associated stress on joints or muscles.

The Gazelle Edge might not be considered a full elliptical trainer by hard-core exercise enthusiasts, but it certainly delivers solid performance as a glider that can get your heart pumping right away. There are more expensive machines out there with even more features, but full elliptical trainers can run you nearly $1000. The Gazelle Edge clocks in at around $100 from most online retailers, and a lot of people appreciate this affordable price tag.

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When it comes to performance, this simple piece of home exercise equipment does its job quite well. You can determine your own pace with the confidence of knowing you don’t have to suffer through sudden stops and starts that could lead to physical injury. Whether you want to give yourself a light workout or really ramp up your cardiovascular levels, this elliptical glider will do the job just fine. You will find it takes minimal adjustment and the manufacturers have done a great job to make sure you stay comfortable on this machine whether it comes to your feet, hands, or overall body.

This elliptical glider comes with a very basic computer that will allow you to track your progress in categories ranging from time, to distance, to calories burnt. It’s really on the low end in terms of onboard features and most people probably won’t be using it if they have a stopwatch anyways.

But overall, you really can’t beat the price of this machine and it serves as the perfect introduction back to exercise if you haven’t worked out in quite a while. Or if you are new to setting up a home gym then this will be one of the most welcome first additions that you can make.

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