Chinese Weightloss And Green tea

Chinese Weightloss And Green tea

Chinese weightloss has long been aided by drinking Chinese tea. Serious dieters know about the importance of stimulating your metabolic rate or metabolism. The interesting fact is that many of the popular Chinese teas not only help to stimulate the metabolism they are great for your health. Some varieties, refresh, soothe and provide calming effects, which are all beneficial to your health.

Green tea, black tea, pu-erh tea and oolong tea are four types that you might want to consider drinking if you are looking for weight loss tips
. A single serving of tea only has four calories when not used with any sweeteners. This in itself is great for dieters providing a hot beverage while stimulating the metabolism at the same time.

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To get results it is recommended that you drink four or more cups of tea per day. Tea also contains poly-phenols (antioxidants), which help to breakdown fats contained in food and help in the digestion process. Black tea is also popular with those dieting because of the high caffeine content and yet it still only contains the same four little calories.

Unlike green and black tea, pu-erh tea is actually made from an entirely different tea plant. Even Chinese practitioners have been known to recommend pu-erh tea for Chinese weightloss.

is. This particular type of tea actually lowers cholesterol levels making it an enjoyable cup of tea to drink as well as being healthy for you.

Wu Long or more commonly known as Oolong tea is another popular Chinese tea often relied on by those trying to diet. This again is one of the stronger Chinese teas with much higher caffeine content than green tea for example. Oolong tea also helps to provide assistance in the digestion process of fats and helps to energize the metabolism.

These Chinese teas can be used for weight loss and you simply choose the one that meets your weight loss goals.

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