Lemon Juice Diet For Healthy Living

Lemon Juice Diet For Healthy Living

Sometimes the reason for why people fail on their Diet Plan is because they have trained their body to react to food in a completely different way. For instance, some people just cannot stick to a high protein diet and let go of sweets. It’s all in a matter of training the body to get used to certain foods.

One easy solution to restarting one’s palette and attitude to food is with the help of a cleanse. The lemon juice diet is one type of cleansing diet which allows the dieter to effectively detoxify his or her system and speed up one’s metabolism.

The lemon juice diet involves drinking a mixture of lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper in water for a period of seven days and staying away from solid foods the entire time. Different juice diet recipes will have unique measurements for the ingredients. Part of the juice diet plan is to stay away from caffeinated and alcoholic beverages, as well as anything with nicotine in it like cigarettes.

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Prior to starting the diet, individuals should have a diet consisting of mainly vegetables and fruits. This diet should only be attempted during the warmer months of the year like in spring or summer. In the case of people who cannot go through a day without a meal, the diet can be modified by allowing one small meal every day.

The first benefit that can be derived from this diet is that it allows the dieter to retrain his or her palette to appreciate healthier food options like vegetables. For this reason, it is imperative the dieters plan their meals strategically after the seven day period making sure that they do not jar their metabolism by eating heavy meals immediately after the diet has ended. Diving into a diet consists mainly of sweets and junk foods will only defeat the purpose of the lemon juice diet. Just a week is all it takes for one to embark on a journey of healthy living.

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