Tips for Trying Protandim and Other Dietary Supplements

Tips for Trying Protandim and Other Dietary Supplements

Today there are hundreds, if not thousands, of products designed to help people feel better and heal all their ailments. Cultures have always used their resources to help them survive and stay healthy. We still use roots, berries and leaves like our ancestors did, except now they are packaged in easy to swallow pills. There are hundreds of dietary supplements on the market, including Protandim, which are supposed to help people feel better and stay healthy. While we have made great strides in medicine, there is still a lot that is unknown. One of the issues is knowing how a supplement or medication will work for each individual. Therefore, as a consumer, it’s important to know what the product is, and what the company is promising.dietary_supplements_1

No FDA Approval for Supplements

The Food and Drug Administration must approve medical devices, drugs and foods before they can be sold to the public. They must go through various testing and analysis. What can be misleading is that many products make bold claims, which seem to be the status of a drug or medication, but are actually supplements. Most dietary supplements do not need FDA approval in order to be sold and marketed to the public.

If you read the fine print, it says that this product is not meant to “diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.” Many companies use customer testimonials as part of their marketing in order to show the effectiveness of a product. It is great to hear from others before a consumer tries a new product, but each person has a different response. For example, while one consumer found the product to be life changing, another consumer taking the exact same pill could have negative side effects. Trying new things is a great idea, but buying a lifetime supply because of what one person said is not.

Antioxidant Supplements Are the Most Popular

Antioxidant supplements are popular on today’s market, and Protandim is an example of an antioxidant product. Many consumers have found antioxidant products to be extremely helpful in their health and their general feeling of well-being. Scientific evidence exists which supports the science behind antioxidants and what the products are claiming to do.

Know What You’re Getting

There are many positive aspects to dietary supplements as well. Many of these products use only natural ingredients, so they are the preferred choice for consumers who like natural or holistic products. For example, the ingredients in Protandim include milk thistle, bacopa (an herb), ashwagandha (an herb), green tea, and turmeric (a ginger plant). Often these supplements are infused with other vitamins as well. So, unless there is an allergic reaction, taking dietary supplements does no harm.

Dietary supplements are not for everyone; some people just stick to eating fruits and vegetables. Others have found a wide variety of supplements that help them get the vitamins that their body needs. Protandim and other supplements are marketed as life-changing products, and to many consumers they are. Before buying, it’s a good idea to do some research and get information on the product and manufacturer other than what is available on their website.

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