Natural Ways Of Lowering Cholesterol Levels

Natural Ways Of Lowering Cholesterol Levels

In a world of highly processed foods, prescription medications and a wide variety of food supplements, people are often confused and sometimes misguided on what to choose when it comes to being health conscious. A large percentage belongs to those who are suffering from weight loss illnesses brought by unhealthy habits resulting to increased cholesterol level in the body. Sometimes, despite best attempts of eating right and living an active lifestyle, it is still possible to be diagnosed with an elevated cholesterol level. You can imagine how rough it is for those who doesn’t live a healthy lifestyle since diseases due to high cholesterol doesn’t show symptoms in early stages but its effects develops over several years. It may be too late before you know it.

Usually, if your cholesterol level is extremely high, doctors may recommend prescription medications as the initial treatment. Although in some cases where prescription medications are necessary, some people may be given the option to of lowering their cholesterol level through natural means.natural_ways_of_lowering_cholesterol_levels

Some potentially serious side effects cannot be avoided when using prescription medications. Because of this, natural ways are still the safest means of lowering cholesterol. Here are some ways to naturally lower you cholesterol level:

Diet as usual is the primary concern since most of the unwanted fats accumulated inside the body come from the food that you eat. It doesn’t mean that you have to starve yourself by eliminating all the good stuff. The idea is to alter your meal a little and add some foods that help lower cholesterol levels. The food pyramid idea remains effective. Start by reducing your intake of fatty and salty foods including red meat and substituting vegetarian sources of protein such as tofu. Increase your intake of fiber foods, fish rich in omega 3, fresh fruits and vegetables and most of all whole grain and oats. Although dietary changes don’t instantly show drastic reductions in cholesterol levels, it will have some effect in most people.

Exercising for at least 30 minutes daily can modestly show some weight loss results. In fact, intense exercises and sport activities have been proven to increase hdl (high density lipoprotein), a good form of cholesterol that protects against heart diseases. Walking, jogging, and using cardiovascular machines are all excellent ways of fulfilling your daily exercise requirements.

Avoid smoking and alcoholic drinks. Chemicals in a cigarette smoke are extremely oxidizing and cholesterol is altered and becomes dangerous when oxidized. In addition, smokers have much higher need for antioxidants.

Some studies have shown that nutrients found in green tea can lower cholesterol levels. Drinking 3 to 5 cups of green tea daily can be a good substitute for soda and soft drinks that contain high amounts of calorie and unwanted acids.

Lowering your cholesterol naturally is optimal when compared to a weight loss lowering drug. Traditional natural ways are always the safest alternatives and can give better results before you know it. It only requires little discipline and dedication to achieve your goal of healthier lifestyle.

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