Making the Paleo Diet a Lifestyle

Making the Paleo Diet a Lifestyle

If you haven’t heard of the Paleo diet, then you must have been living in a cave, which of course would be pretty ironic. The Paleo diet, also known as the cave-man diet or stone-age age diet, involves changing your eating habits to only include the presumed food available and consumable by early man during the paleolithic era. The diet mainly consists of fruits, lean meats, eggs, vegetables, seafood, nuts and fungi and excludes all processed foods and sugar, dairy products, starchy food and grains.

The Paleo diet has become very popular because of it’s inherit health benefits and quick results. The diet helps alleviate allergies because of the removal of so many processed foods, it also leads to glowing healthy skin and much like Atkins or the 5 hour body diet, the lack of bread and grain helps shed the pounds. However people are simply changing their eating habits and that’s all. Eating habits are easy to backslide on and eventually you cheat and then before you know it it’s back to the cake and rice. If people truly want to change their lives, then they must CHANGE THEIR LIVES and the Paleo diet gives you the blueprints to a truly unique style of life, that of a caveman.paleo_diet _3

Early men were hunter-gatherers, that ate what they could find on their journeys. In an effort to become more like them, instead of driving to the store obtain all the food you eat, make it a policy to only eat food you can get by walking. Imagine your family as a tribe and your responsibility is to go out and bring back sustenance in any form. Begin to imagine your trips out as foraging adventures, you may be surprised at what you discover. Perhaps you come across a farmers market, and bring some fresh honey back to your “tribe” or you could happen upon a local butcher with nice fresh meats, your tribesmen will praise you if you return with such a glorious “kill”.

You may be concerned with how much food you can carry, well consider it like this, you want to be eating only fresh ingredients, if you go to the store you know you’ll eat what you’ve bought within a couple days and it’ll be time to head back out into the wild for more provisions. Constant replenishing keeps your food fresh and your body active. If you’ve got a large tribe, well then perhaps it would be wise to recruit another tribesman in your party to help drag home your spoils for the day.

Relying less and less on processed food, and gas powered travel, you’ll begin to have a greater appreciation for your ancestors, and perhaps for yourself. I’m not saying you have to get rid of your car, but consider the money in gas you can save, the fresh air you can breath and the pounds you can shed all by simply changing the way you obtain and eat your food. Have you ever seen a fat caveman? Well I supposed you’ve never seen one at all, but we certainly never depict them with any fat on their bones. Above all this is a way to have some fun with your diet, try getting into the character of this prehistoric human lost in time, you can even come up with a new name for your tribe. There are no wrong ways to become healthy, just remove your ego and give it a shot. Happy Hunting!!

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