Healthy Takeout Food Is It Possible

Healthy Takeout Food Is It Possible

Are you always ordering takeout food and you are concerned that this might cause you some nasty repercussions (health-wise) in the long run? Is there such a thing as healthy takeout food? Well fortunately for you, there is! Here are a couple of tips on how you can continue eating takeout food, while still remain fit and healthy.

Concentrate on the Greens:

It does not matter where you are, whether in a Chinese restaurant or sandwich shop, you will be able to keep things healthy by simply concentrating on the veggies. Browse over the restaurant menu and check what ingredient does the dish has the most. Never hesitate to request for some alterations in order to make your order healthier. For example, you can perhaps forgo the fried rice and instead have fresh pineapple as a side dish.

Set the Dressing Aside:

When it comes to dishes that have rich and creamy dressings or sauces, always ask if it is possible to have these items on a separate container and not directly mixed with your food. This way, you can control the amount of these items that you consume. You can spare yourself a huge amount of calories and fat by simply following this tip.

Sip on Soups:

Soups are generally low on fat and they make for excellent starters, and even as a main course. When ordering your soup, opt for the ones which are vegetable-based or those which combine veggies and lean protein like vegetable and chicken or tomato basil. These hearty soups are packed with loads of healthy goodness, not with starch. Also, soups are very filling. However, just make it certain that the crackers or bread that comes with the soup are made of whole grain.

Lean on Lean Meat:

If you happen to be a self-confessed omnivore, choose choice cuts of lean meats and steer clear of deli meats. The latter can be rich in sodium and may be made also with nitrates that are said to be carcinogen (bad for the health). Try to go for choices such as turkey, tuna or chicken as well as lean red meats which are not processed, but directly taken from an animal.

Healthy Pizza:

Pizza can be really health hazardous; however, you can easily make it healthy by ordering a pizza made of thin whole wheat crust, topped with grilled chicken and lots of vegetables, and skip that extra layer of pepperoni and cheese.

The next time you are working on getting an online food order ready, just remember these simple tips to make sure you stay healthy.

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